Advocate Aurora Health: What's it like to work here?

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I would most definitely promote my company to anyone. It's a great place to work and I always feel apart of the team!

EmployeeWorked at Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc in Milwaukee, WI at the time of review.

What I like

Everyone I spoke with when getting hired was very professional and spoke extremely positive about the company. That made me want to work for them all the more. They offered not only many benefits but also growth for opportunities within the company. I interviewed on multiple floors of the hospital and was able to decide which area I thought was best for me. My boss that hired me on was very welcoming and spoke highly about the team I was joining. A word I heard the most through the process was "teamwork." Teamwork is extremely important to me in the workplace. I love the company I work for and I never want to leave! Such a positive experience that I've had.

What I dislike

Honestly, I love the company and as of right now I don't see any areas of improvement for the company.

Suggestions for improvement

There are no improvements I would make for the company because I feel they do an great job with everything!

Company Culture

We have a great team, that works wonderful together!

Internal Communication

Communicates effectively with teammates


I always am honest and work well with my coworkers, while encouraging others to do so too!

Work-Life Balance

My life and work are both easily manageable

Freedom to work independently

Everyone works well independently and as a team. Creating the best quality of care for the patients

Inclusive / Diverse

Always valued diversity in the workplace. Always asking for ideas and opinions to improve the workplace

Gender Equality

They have given women equal opportunities within the company by giving the same raises and money, also by acknowledging everyone equally.

Attitude towards older colleagues

The company I worked for treated older employees fairly and offered equal opportunities.

Company Image

Very proud to work for such a compassionate and caring company

Career Development

Before I started, one of the main things the company promoted was that there was always growth for opportunities. They will help you go in any direction you desire!

Challenging Work

Everyday I work is always challenging in the beat wayzs. I'm always continuously learning!

Support from management

Office / Work Environment

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security