Aegis Therapies: What's it like to work here?

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This company has a poor work life balance. Productivity is unrealistic

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Aegis Therapies Inc. in Sioux City, IA.

What I like

It truly depends on your direct onsite manager. In MN, my ideas and input were taken more seriously & I felt more valued. Adequate equipment was provided.

What I dislike

If an employee makes an innocent clerical error, allow them to fix it without chastising them. MANAGERS: trust your employees, particularly when they've had stellar performance

Suggestions for improvement

Allow qualified professionals make judgment calls without being condescending to them.

Company Culture

I worked for this company in two different states. In GA, they were unethical and didn't listen to my b concerns

Internal Communication

Communication with peers was good, not management


Manager doesn't care as long as you meet your productivity

Work-Life Balance

Frequently was getting a workload that made work life l balance next to impossible

Support from management

In MN I was, in GA I was not given much support

Freedom to work independently

Manager claims not to microbiologist manage but does anyway

Inclusive / Diverse

Coworkers were open to new ideas

Gender Equality

There was no sexism

Attitude towards older colleagues

There was no ageism

Office / Work Environment

There were never enough laptops available and the iPad minis worked terribly

Environmental Friendliness

I was not aware of eco friendly activities taking place

Handicapped Accessibility

There was a handicap employee who was given necessary resources

Workplace Safety

Routine trainings took place

Overall compensation for your work

In minnesota I was underpaid for my experience level In GA I was adequately compensated AFTER asking for it

Company Image

In minnesota I was part of a great team, in Georgia I was not

Career Development

Company offered ceu reimbursement

Challenging Work

Challenging because it was unirganized

Job Security