Aero Port Services: What's it like to work here?

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Former outstanding employee

Former EmployeeWorked for this company until 2016.

What I like

They are an organized companie seeking to survive in a competitive environment ; they basically want their image represented well .....

What I dislike

Management is Korean based ; envious of the lucrative contracts available at Lax . They undercut the price to survive but did not foresee the negative consequences of mis-estimating the amount of effort it took to perform satisfactorily the large contract they had . Although you were given the idea that the employee was important the ability to communicate was lacking between management and employees left to the mercy of the dog eat dog environment at Lax .
Also, a lawsuit was filed by terminated employee's concerning wages, breaks, and overtime which was disputed .
Funny , (that ) you would deny the allegations and then have to be charged $1.4 million ....but its a legal matter in the past now .

Suggestions for improvement

They were never inviting managers of other airlines to visit and gain input about how they were doing; they relied on a 3rd party and were impersonal in demonstrating their love of being part of the airport community !
They seemed to forget that understanding is part of doing things well along with knowledge , responsibility, and control .
To realize these concepts work together is vital for their future survival in this most competitive environment as they now well understand !

Workplace Safety

lax is a dangerous environment that operates with numerous safety rules born out of the actual structure of the facility

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