Air Culinaire Worldwide, LLC: What's it like to work here?

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A very unique job that requires a specific kind of mindset to succeed, detail oriented for sure.


What I like

I enjoy the team work and camaraderie that occurs when working together with people for long shifts that instill a desire to exceed client expectations in fulfilling their requests. It is thrilling to get reviews back from clients when the service they've received was phenomenal. Creating a positive work environment that is conducive to increased productivity while maintaining excellence is a tenuous feat that is not easily accomplished, but it is something to strive for!

What I dislike

There needs to be ongoing training, Better communication with all departments, Management needs to be better equiped for crises that pop up, High turn over - always needing more staff, Better compensation after a level of excellence has been achieved - ei, give out raises to people who deserve it.

Suggestions for improvement

Communication, On-going training to ensure the level excellence we project actually is provided, Hiring of quality people that want to work and perform at a high level of competence.

Company Culture

Always room for improvement

Internal Communication

Communication definitely needs to improve


Yes, they do - but still room for improvement

Work-Life Balance

They do try to work with you for schedules

Support from management

Yes, managers are great - but still room for improvement

Freedom to work independently

Yes, for the most part

Inclusive / Diverse

Actually, they do seem to care about different perspectives

Gender Equality


Attitude towards older colleagues

I believe so

Office / Work Environment

The office needs renovations - mainly flooring, chairs, and possibly even new desks, new computers & software would increase productivity, but would be highly expensive.

Environmental Friendliness

Could definitely improve

Handicapped Accessibility

Yes, it is accessible

Workplace Safety

Yes, I feel safe at work

Overall compensation for your work

There should be a wage increase for the level of work we complete

Job Security

Yes, for the most part it is stable

Company Image

The overall environment could be better

Career Development

There could be improvement

Challenging Work

Some days are tougher than others