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Employee Satisfaction

    • 3.4Overall compensation for your work
    • 2.6Job Security
    • 3.5Company Image
    • 2.8Career Development
    • 3.4Challenging Work
    • 3.2Company Culture
    • 2.9Internal Communication
    • 3.2Teamwork
    • 3.0Work-Life Balance
    • 2.8Support from management
    • 3.1Freedom to work independently
    • 3.5Office / Work Environment
    • 3.6Environmental Friendliness
    • 3.8Handicapped Accessibility
    • 3.9Workplace Safety
    • 3.5Inclusive / Diverse
    • 3.4Gender Equality
    • 3.1Attitude towards older colleagues

Companies are rated on kununu across 18 unique factors that fall into 4 categories. Since 2014, 63 employees rated this company with an average of 3.3 points.

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What employees say

Employees like

I loved the schedule that I worked. Also my co workers were pretty amazing they tauyme everything I needed to know
I liked having a Monday through Friday schedule.
Flexibility to work remotely on Friday’s.
The Compensation and benefits were fair
I have none to share with you at this time
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Employees don't like

The people. I was there for 2 years. I finally got tired of complaining to HR and nothing would be done. They do not play fair. You're just a number there. You can and will be replaced. I quit. Moved on. They money is great but not worth the stress. It was leave or go to jail for assult.
I hate that I was very loyal to this company for 11yrs as a temp.and they never wanted to hiried me on SMH.wasted a decade there.
Bringing in manager's that dont know anything about the company or work with employees.
You never have a real full shift and you get off too early not quite making 40 hours a week
Unprofessional behavior and abusive treatment from management
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Suggestions for improvement

To many to say st this time and besides they won’t and haven’t changed
meaningful pay raise instead of forcing overtime work
Please please they need to care about the employees who been there for years with them,and loyal to the company and hired them.
To have sturdy working hours unless walking back and forth to get the same pieces
Offer early retirement. You must have some type of people skills in managing
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Benefits & Perks

Here are the most voted perks & benefits as confirmed by 63 employees in their reviews.

  • ParkingParking
  • Vision and dental healthcareVision and dental healthcare
  • On-site CafeteriaOn-site Cafeteria
  • Paid time offPaid time off
  • 401(k)401(k)
  • Health and wellness programsHealth and wellness programs
  • 401(k) Company Match401(k) Company Match
  • On-site fitness centerOn-site fitness center
  • Life insuranceLife insurance
  • Employee eventsEmployee events
  • Employee discountsEmployee discounts
  • Tuition assistanceTuition assistance
  • Flexible spending accountFlexible spending account
  • Flexible working hoursFlexible working hours
  • Paid Parental leavePaid Parental leave
  • Free snacks and drinksFree snacks and drinks
  • Desirable office locationDesirable office location
  • Stock or equity optionsStock or equity options
  • Easy access to public transportationEasy access to public transportation
  • Ability to work remotelyAbility to work remotely
  • Free mealsFree meals
  • Relocation allowanceRelocation allowance
  • Reimbursed daycareReimbursed daycare
  • Vehicle allowanceVehicle allowance

Best and worst factors

Best rated: Workplace Safety


The best rated factor of Alcon is Workplace Safety with 3.9 points (based on 7 reviews).

Very safe work place
very safe and they complied with safety rules and regulation, they provide safety training every month
Safety concerns from temps often ignored until a permanent makes the same complaint.
They do a good job training.
Except fumes in some areas the plant is top notch.
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Worst rated: Job Security


The worst rated factor of Alcon is Job Security with 2.6 points (based on 7 reviews).

Worst company to work with.
Work on single day. Can be out tomorrow by any reason such as back day sign off paperwork.
Full timers are constantly setup to fail to be replaced with cheap temporary workers.
Temps can be told to leave at any time, for any reason.
"No one irreplaceable". says another ex VP
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Career Development

Career Development rating


Career Development is rated with an average of 2.8 points (based on 8 reviews).

Definitely not a career development for some people there, cause they dont pay attention to them.
Temps had very little room for advancement in the facility I was located in. Becoming a permanent seems to be more luck than skill, waiting for a spot to open.
They reimburse for schools
You learn from scratch and by yourself. No support.
If you're not part of the group of friends you will not advance.
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Company Culture

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Traditional Culture
Modern Culture

The culture gauge ranges from traditional to modern and represents the company culture for this company as voted anonymously by the employees. We are still collecting opinions to present a fairer picture for you, our users.

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