ALDI: What's it like to work here?

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It's a great company to work for. I love my colleagues, my leadership, and my role.

EmployeeWorked at Aldi Inc. in Batavia, IL at the time of review.

What I like

I am in a position where I am encouraged to grow, to make the role my own, and to continuously improve my team. I feel that my leadership poises me for success, appropriately prepares me for meetings, and works hard to help me meet my personal career goals.

What I dislike

Occasionally, the company makes decisions without information "lower-level" employees until the decision is already made. While I understand this is common practice for large companies across the US and the world, there is sometimes frustration communicated among employees who feel that decisions are being made for them without their input.

Suggestions for improvement

Remote working opportunities would be wonderful, many positions don't require an in-office presence every day, and it would be great to have the opportunity to work from home a couple days a week. Would also be nice to receive tuition reimbursement, which is not currently an option.

Company Culture

For the most part, my colleagues are open to sharing information and assisting with projects. I have never run into issues with uncooperative teammates or colleagues when working on a project.

Internal Communication

Occasionally, information is not communicated to "lower-level" employees until decisions are already made, but I imagine this is the same with most companies.

Work-Life Balance

Some projects require a lot of overtime, however, the company is always flexible with doctor's appointments, personal matters, etc.

Freedom to work independently

Employees are expected to make their roles their own and to take leadership in their positions.

Environmental Friendliness

Wish we would recycle our K-Cups, as every break room has a Keurig machine.

Overall compensation for your work

I sometimes feel the work I do is above my pay grade, but I do feel as if I am being presented with opportunities to continue to grow and eventually will receive a higher-level position with compensation that matches my workload. Overall, I feel fairly compensated.

Challenging Work

I am currently in a challenging role that I love, I get opportunities to lead, learn new things, and better the company for which I work.


Support from management

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Office / Work Environment

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Job Security

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