Allegheny County Center For Victims of Violent Crime: What's it like to work here?

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Work is emotionally challenging but rewarding and meaningful

EmployeeWorked at Allegheny County Center For Victims of Violent Crime in Pittsburgh, PA at the time of review.

What I like

Agency provides the opportunity to work in different settings and environments. Field opportunities to learn and develop communication skills and interact with professionals from many fields. Agency also provides a generous amount of paid time off and an affordable, high quality healthcare plan for direct employees.

What I dislike

Agency does a poor job of providing clear and concise communication about changes in job function, new positions and their responsibilities, and their is a lack of accessibility to administration. Their is a lack of professional training opportunities for staff to continue and expand work-related skills and education.

Suggestions for improvement

Allow for ground-level employees to have a method of providing input for what they feel like they need to be successful at their everyday job requirements.
Have administration periodically visit and spend time at various job sites to remain connected with the challenges the employees face.
Hire a more diverse staff. There is a distinct lack of Asian employees and very few men.

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