AllegianceMD Software: What's it like to work here?

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Terrible place to work

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in IT at AllegianceMD Software until 2016.

What I like

The only thing I liked about working there was the casual dress code.

What I dislike

The owner is the only engineer to fix the software and is never available when needed. Don't ever know when he'll be at work when you have up to 50 customers needing him to fix one thing all at the same time. Whoever works here will have to take complaint calls at all times while not being able to do anything about it. This is an everyday issue.

Suggestions for improvement

Management needs to be more available to fix problems with the software.

Internal Communication

No the necessary information needed to do my job was not clear. They will write you up for the management's mistakes.

Support from management

No the leadership at this company is a joke. No proper training. Almost always are expected to figure things out for yourself.

Office / Work Environment

Very low morale across all departments at all times.

Job Security

Very high turnover.

Company Culture


Work-Life Balance

Freedom to work independently

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

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