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Company is still trying to find its grove so lots of changes that arent always communicated. Overall good experience.

Former EmployeeWorked at Allegion PLC in Indianapolis, IN.

What I like

Overall most everyone you come in contact with is easy going and realizes that we are all in it together. Most higher management individuals are super friendly and approachable while middle management isn't nearly as friendly.

What I dislike

The lack of organization and communication. Management structure could be trimmed down quite a bit to make things a little more smooth.

Suggestions for improvement

Allow more work from home opportunities. A culture of fear is beginning to develop and should be nipped in the bud real quick as it ruins everything that was so great about the company.

Company Culture

When I started it was great but it had declined over the past year or two.

Challenging Work

constant changes that are not well communicated

Internal Communication


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Inclusive / Diverse

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Office / Work Environment

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