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A stable and growing business. Good career opportunities for growth. Some new changes may cause stress but overall good.

EmployeeWorked at Allegro Microsystems, LLC in Worcester, MA at the time of review.

What I like

Professional mentorship that has helped my career grow. Good mix of older "veterans" of the company and industry while always injecting youth to keep the culture strong. This has led to multiple opportunities for me to be mentored and now to mentor young engineers myself.

What I dislike

Communication is often good but sometimes lacking when sensitive areas are concerned. There is a growing perception that upper management is positioning for a big payday when the company is sold or goes public and that the average worker will not benefit from all the new corporate initiatives to work harder, faster, and with more micromanaging.

Suggestions for improvement

I would provide more candid feedback on what the groups will look like in the future and what we should all be striving to create. People will be onboard if it is clear. Career paths often seem blocked for technical people.

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