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money driven regardless of employees

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Production at Allen Distribution in Carlisle, PA.

Company Culture

they do not practice what they preach

Internal Communication

if you bring up an idea and is a good idea, management will steal it and claim it as their own. other issues go unaddressed. and management does not like to be questioned.


my co-workers are what made the team because we relied on each other. but it was the mentality of the people and not management that made the job bearable.

Work-Life Balance

it was day shift though there were periods in the season that required overtime but that is expected in any manufacturing environment.

Support from management

management doesn't have a clue as to what production is. this is a warehousing facility where the management kisses butt to the owner who is oblivious as to what is going on. instead of truly wanting to improve the business, all of management only wants to improve their "status".

Freedom to work independently

just do your job and don't ask questions and you will be left alone. that way management can sit in their office and play on their computers.

Inclusive / Diverse

not much diversity.

Gender Equality

i swear the production manager was hiring more and more women. i am a female and I KNOW i got privileges in regards to attendance points as did other women.

Office / Work Environment

no matter what i said, issues i was encountering from doing my job were not being fixed!!

Environmental Friendliness

we threw out dumpsters full of product that could have gone to farms and steel that could have been recycled. they don't care about the environment at all!!!!

Handicapped Accessibility

in no way could a handicapped person be able to have access into the building.

Workplace Safety

a gentleman got fired after he filed a workers comp. claim due to a design flaw on the company's behalf.

Overall compensation for your work

in the area, machine operators make more than what they are paying. this also includes forklift drivers. no 401k match, and 4 years until you get 2 weeks paid vacation.

Job Security

question management and they will find a reason to get rid of you. at least you can claim unemployment.

Challenging Work

it is challenging only because stupid obstacles are constantly in your way that management will not address because they all kiss butt and don't want to make the owner unhappy.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Company Image

Career Development