Allina Health: What's it like to work here?

Allina Health

It is the best job I have had.

EmployeeWorked in Finance at Allina Health System in Minneapolis, MN at the time of review.

What I like

Very flexible hours and ability to work from home. A lot of PTO time. Good pay and flexible hours. All with a company that has gone to great lengths to avoid any layoffs.

What I dislike

I really can't think of much apart from the lack of evacuation procedures for wheelchair bound personnel. The only ways out would be the stairs or the elevators, neither of which is a viable option for someone in a wheelchair. This became evident when we had fire drill and a friend of mine who was in a wheelchair had to go to the break room and wait for someone (presumably a fireman) to come and evacuate her.

Suggestions for improvement

Better evacuation facilities for handicapped people.

Company Culture

They are very focused on teamwork and engagement

Internal Communication

Daily huddle meetings where employees can share their thoughts and concerns


Strongly encourage teamwork

Work-Life Balance

Very flexible hours

Support from management

Daily huddle meetings for sharing or asking any questions

Freedom to work independently

Allows employees to work from home

Inclusive / Diverse

Employs many people from all walks of life

Gender Equality

Company CEO is a woman

Attitude towards older colleagues

I am one of many employees who are well above 45 and I feel very well treated

Office / Work Environment

Stress comfortable cubicles and also allows work from home

Environmental Friendliness

Have bins for garbage, recycling, and composting. Also encourages using reusable items as much as possible.

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicap accesible facilities but no way to evacuate wheelchairs from upper floors in emergency

Workplace Safety

One of the questions in the daily huddles is "does anyone have any safety concerns

Overall compensation for your work

Very good wages and benefits

Company Image

For all of the reasons I already mentioned

Career Development

Training is always available as well as reimbursement for education outside of Allina

Challenging Work

I like a job that is not too stressful

Job Security