Amazon: What's it like to work here?

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I love working at Amazon the management is awesome. their pay is awesome. they have some of the best benefits around.

EmployeeWorked at Amazon acy5 in Swedesboro, NJ at the time of review.

What I like

there's always room for growth at Amazon to move up into operations and management very quickly. I love the people I work with their

What I dislike

Amazon treats their staff very fairly. I am satisfied with my job.

Suggestions for improvement

Amazon does not need any improvements that is perfect the way it is. My workplace is awesome.

Company Culture

Very good company to work for!

Internal Communication

They communicate well with there employees. Management always make sure employees are safe.


All there employees work well together. They give rewards to hard works. Different incentives every week

Work-Life Balance

They are very flexible with your schedule.

Support from management

Management is awesome!

Freedom to work independently

They trust there employees to work independently.

Gender Equality

They treat men and women equally. We all work together!

Attitude towards older colleagues

Amazon has aolt of older employees employed by them. Everyone is treated equally!

Office / Work Environment

It's very comfortable at amazon. They have fans, air conditioning. There's water fountains everywheres in case your thirsty.

Handicapped Accessibility

We have disabled people working that are death, no finger's. Amazon does not discriminate!

Workplace Safety

There's a safety team on the floor at amazy. To they have amcare as well. There like nurses if someone gets injured.

Overall compensation for your work

My pay is great!!

Job Security

I love my position! I eventually want to get into management!

Company Image

I love Amazon! They pay decent. They give bonuses and incentives every week. Good benefits!

Career Development

You can always move up to a higher position really fast!

Challenging Work

My job is awesome!

Inclusive / Diverse

Environmental Friendliness