American Land and Leisure :What's it like to work here?

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The company is a large w/ locations all over. After being hired I only dealt w/ local management which were horrible

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at American Land and Leisure.

What I like

The location was beautiful. The work was not hard.

What I dislike

The management had no skills in people management and had too many of their own personal problems to effectively do their job. The home company did not seem concerned about complaints they received about the management.

Suggestions for improvement

The home company would benefit from listening to employees at local sites. They need to look at employee turnover at different locations to figure out that there may be problems with local management. Getting new managers is not easy but it could benefit

Company Culture

The local bosses did not create a friendly environment

Internal Communication

The only communication was either negative or not true


The boss pitted employees against each other

Work-Life Balance

Only had 12 hours off per week for a 24/7 job

Support from management

I received no support from the local management

Freedom to work independently

We were expected to work independently

Inclusive / Diverse

The local boss acted interested in employee ideas but wouldn't follow through on any

Gender Equality

Everyone was treated equally regardless of sex

Attitude towards older colleagues

Most employees were over 50

Office / Work Environment

My environment was comfortable . Others in the company were not.

Environmental Friendliness

No concern for anything other than personal gain

Handicapped Accessibility

Some were handicapped accessible others were not.

Workplace Safety

My training happened 2 months after I had been working.

Overall compensation for your work

Pay was average for the job and location

Job Security

If I wanted to return I would be rehired

Company Image

The company might be ok to work for if they would intervene locally

Career Development

You can move up in the company if wanted

Challenging Work

The job was easy