Americu Credit Union: What's it like to work here?

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Not a bad place to work, but there are too many "Chiefs" and not enough "Indians"

Former Employee

What I like

Ability to learn due to working with several areas regularly. Generally ,most people are good too work with. The CEO is an outstanding leader.

What I dislike

Too many people that think they are "in charge". Some managers are not people persons and do not handle employees well. Too many close knit groups of seasoned employees and departments/branches do not work together well.

Suggestions for improvement

A more cooperative environment overall is needed. Too many Senior Managers and Mid Managers only looking out for themselves. More attention needs to be paid to employee suggestions and needs. High stress in all areas due to the short staffing attitude.

Company Culture

Overall positive, definite divide between branches and back office personnel.

Internal Communication

Depending on what are you work in, ranges from poor to very good.


Varies depending on what area you are working with. Generally very good between departments, it's when you go outside your area that teamwork deterioriates

Work-Life Balance

Very good recognizing that things happen. Most areas work well with employees to grant time off other than vacations.

Support from management

Again, this depends on what area you are looking for support from. The CEO is an outstanding communicator and delegates very well, unfortunately the rest of the top management team & mid level managers don't all share his ideas OR have their own agenda.

Freedom to work independently

Way too much oversight and lack of trust to let employees work alone.

Inclusive / Diverse

Need to be more diverse

Gender Equality

How you are treated depends on where you work and who you work for.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Again, depends on the are you are working in.

Office / Work Environment

Most departments are tight knit groups that protect their own. Again there is a definite divide between branch offices and back offices.

Handicapped Accessibility

Make a good effort to provide accessibility to all areas

Workplace Safety

Very concerned about employee safety

Overall compensation for your work

Most jobs are fairly compensated and reviewed/updated annually. While salary increases are normally given yearly, the process is difficult and too time consuming.

Job Security

Depends directly on where you work and who you work for. Some areas/departments less secure than others .

Company Image

Company has a positive image outside only because the members are not aware of the internal problems that exist.

Career Development

Difficult to move from one position to another. Also moving can be made more difficult by the area/department you are in and moving to based on circumstances and timely availability of replacement/new workers.

Challenging Work

Work is challenging due to the number of tasks and the people available to do the work. Company very rarely adds to staff regardless of documented need by managers. The thought is you can always get the work done with less help.

Environmental Friendliness