Americu Credit Union: What's it like to work here?

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Too many chiefs & not enough indians

Not recommended
Former Employee

What I like

CEO is a great leader but unfortunately his ideas/beliefs are not carried on by others.

What I dislike

Too much postering for power.

Suggestions for improvement

Better research when hiring senior managers, foster a better relationship between branches & back office. Cut down on the # of supervisors in certain areas.

Company Culture

Mostly positive but many life time employees who think they run the company.

Internal Communication

Good communication, sometimes lack of follow through by managers.


Depends on which area you work in. There is a very noticeable divide between the Branch System and the back offices (accounting, mortgage servicing, loan servicing etc)

Work-Life Balance

Employees are allowed regular time off although some people are given special far too much leeway.

Support from management

Support depends on who your manager is. Some Senior Managers hold grudges and prevent advancement of employees. Far too many managers believe they or their area is most important and do not cooperate with other areas,

Freedom to work independently

This depends on what area you work in and more importantly who your manager and senior manager are.

Inclusive / Diverse

Very little effort to create diverse work culture

Gender Equality

Varies with manager. Some managers hire based on opinions rather than most qualified.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Good in some areas great in others

Office / Work Environment

Most area have a very positive work area. Where this falls apart is when cooperation is needed between areas/departments.

Environmental Friendliness

They do o.k.

Handicapped Accessibility

Comply with all regulations

Workplace Safety

Very good at making sure employees are in safe areas

Overall compensation for your work

My area was better than most. The formula for salary increases is very outdated and makes it difficult to really reward good employees because of an outdated formula. Also again, some raises/increases are subject to much scrutiny because there are too many people involved in the process.

Job Security

Flat out depends on your manager's whims and moods. Like to surprise people with terminations based on minor errors and opinions of others.

Company Image

Good image with the community. Most people would never know of the internal problems

Career Development

Good job is done to "promote" Career Development, but very few places to go. Favorites get 1st shot at most jobs and more weight is given to outside candidates for some jobs in certain areas.

Challenging Work

Depends on the area. There is lots of mundane repetitive work.