Amerihealth Caritas: What's it like to work here?

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Working here is fulfilling as well as challenging I would recommend anyone to Work here.

EmployeeWorked at Amerihealth Caritas Health Plan in Philadelphia, PA at the time of review.

What I like

I started with the department 13 years ago when there were only maybe 85 agents working in the department. I have watched it grow and have grow with it over the years we now have two offices in other states and we have business coast to coast.

What I dislike

I don’t have many issues but sometimes transitioning into new products can be complicated.

Suggestions for improvement

I really think the company as a whole does well and since we are constantly working to improve ourselves there really is no need to look further.

Company Culture

Great place to work advancement is possible but can be slow. Fast paced environment.

Internal Communication

We have many incentives and recognition programs as well as an open communication between management and associates.


All levels of management have open door policy and team work is celebrated at all times.

Work-Life Balance

With various schedules and shifts it creates a conducive home/work life balance.

Support from management


Freedom to work independently

Yes we do have quality standards in place but for the most part independent work is encouraged and rewarded

Inclusive / Diverse

It is one of the tenants of our company so diversity is highly sought after.

Gender Equality

We pride ourselves in diversity in the workplace.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I agree with this statement I myself was promoted to supervisor at aged 47

Office / Work Environment

Yes we have good accommodations for in house staff as well as having telecommuters on staff.

Environmental Friendliness

This is not something I am privy to however we have gone to mostly paperless in the workplaces

Handicapped Accessibility

Yes there are accommodations for all.

Workplace Safety

We have low incidents of workplace injuries

Overall compensation for your work

More than fair.

Company Image

I have been with them for over 13 years and between the staff management and also even the incentives to provide charitable contributions and provide community outreach I have always been proud of the work we do.

Career Development

Yes though promotion can take time.

Challenging Work

Being in a supervisory role it can be challenging at times but though it is I still feel rewarded working there

Job Security