Amerihealth Caritas: What's it like to work here?

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The company is great as an employer and offers an excellent benefits package. Company is growing, so the job is secure.

EmployeeWorked at Amerihealth Caritas Health Plan in Philadelphia, PA at the time of review.

What I like

This company has allowed me to shift to different departments thereby allowing my professional growth. This is one of the benefits of working for a large company with many different departments. If you no longer enjoy what you're doing, or you want to start a new career path, you can switch to a different department and learn something new. The benefits have been excellent as the company is generous with paid time off, and the cost of health insurance is not very high. Also, there are other benefits, including free parking and the ability to work from home, if necessary.

What I dislike

I believe the company can re-consider its maternity leave policy as there is no time given aside from using federal benefits. As a company that focuses on serving families in the community, it would make sense to also serve the members of your workforce to ensure that they can care for their families. I also believe there is no accountability for individuals, so some members of the workforce take the fall for others, which is unfair.

Suggestions for improvement

I believe that the company should be more focused on health, especially since it is a healthcare company. there should be an on-campus exercise facility for the associates as well as a focus on health and wellness. They should also consider adding more healthy lunch options in the cafeteria. Further, the food in the cafeteria appears to be low grade as many associates complain of the quality and impact on their bodies. They may want to consider increasing the grade of food offered.

Company Culture

The company culture is inclusive and collaborative. Generally, depending on your team, there is a team atmosphere, and everyone is willing to help their team members. You must also be willing to ask for help. There is also a focus on working with the community, which is beneficial because the company prides itself on community involvement.

Internal Communication

Email newsletters are sent to associates to keep them apprised of the company's growth.


The workplace always inspires everyone to work together as it is a collaborative environment. Your experience will depend on your department however.

Work-Life Balance

There is a work life balance, and some departments allow you to work from home if requested.

Support from management

Your department management generally defines your experience at this company. Much of the leadership does attempt to assist their associates and wants them to succeed.

Freedom to work independently

Your team will determine how independently you work. There is collaborative work and the opportunity to work independently.

Inclusive / Diverse

The receptiveness of your ideas and opinions will depend on your management and your department. The opinions of my team are not ordinarily adopted by the management, however, it may be due to the department.

Gender Equality

There is equal treatment among women and men, however, there is no maternity leave, so be aware of that.

Attitude towards older colleagues

This has not been a situation that I have experienced, however, there is a diverse set of ages within the workplace in various levels and positions.

Office / Work Environment

Some of the buildings have undergone renovations, so a lot of the windows have been taken over by offices. The common area where the cubes are do not really have natural lighting. It is also very cold in the summer as the AC temperature is set low it appears. Also, there is an odd odor in some of the buildings, so the ventilation may have issues.

Environmental Friendliness

The kitchen now has a recycling bin, which is helpful as there are a lot of styrofoam cups utilized in the break room. There could be more emphasis on bringing your own utensils to prevent plastic waste.

Handicapped Accessibility

There is handicap parking, handicap stalls, and handicap accessible automatic doors.

Workplace Safety

The building safety team is great a maintaining safety of the premises.

Overall compensation for your work

The salaries are competitive and the benefits are unmatched.

Company Image

The company has great intentions for the individuals it services, and there are many initiatives for community involvement, which gives the company visibility to the individuals it services.

Career Development

Depending on your department, many of the higher positions are saturated, so there is not much room for growth. There is also not much allocated for personal growth and development, however, this may depend on your department's leadership.

Challenging Work

The challenge of your work depends on your department. The work itself is not challenging depending on the workload of your team and visibility to the executive staff.

Job Security