Amerita dba IVSolutions: What's it like to work here?

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Beware! Inventory All items received, confirm service start and end dates and check against invoices and insurance EOBs.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Marketing/product management.

What I like

The services provided are vital for patients.

What I dislike

It's a place where the inmates run the prison

Suggestions for improvement

Cut out the questionable billing practices

Company Culture

Intake routinely assigned referrals to their favorites, undercutting commissions and bonuses.

Internal Communication

What internal communication? A daily report where no complaints or problems were allowed to be addressed


There are favorites...then there are others.

Work-Life Balance

Salaried employees were expected to be on call 24/7 but referrals had declined so much due to errors by pharmacy and delivery there were never any calls

Support from management

None. Nada. Nothing.

Freedom to work independently

No initiative given to gain new referrals because as soon as they started coming in, they would be reassigned to the favorites.

Inclusive / Diverse

98% white, only support roles filled by POC

Gender Equality

Overwhelmingly female in lower positions.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Do NOT grow old with this company. Just don't.

Office / Work Environment

Nasty building with water leaks/mold in a bathroom between the infusion suite and pharmacy clean room. Disaster waiting to happen

Environmental Friendliness

Their attitude: "what environment?"

Workplace Safety

High crime area, employees threatened by other employees.

Overall compensation for your work

You cannot be paid enough to work with these people.

Job Security

If you are among the favorites who do not point out ethical issues and fraud, you are safe. Otherwise, you will not last if you have a conscience.

Company Image

Viewed as a third rate company at best.

Career Development


Challenging Work

It SHOULD be an easy job, but it was challenging fighting for referrals and commissions that were rightfully yours but assigned to the favorites.

Handicapped Accessibility