Anderson Hospital: What's it like to work here?

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If you're in the healthcare field, you should give our team a try. I'm so very happy I did. I love going in every day.

EmployeeWorked at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL at the time of review.

What I like

I could give you a long speech on how amazing our facility is and in what ways. I could also brag that we are a fast growing field that will continue to improve and become more everyday that goes by. I could also tell you that I wouldn't want you to regret not applying but hey, the best way for me to show you how amazing our team is and what we represent is for you to become apart of our it. This is the healthcare field and we take life seriously. This career isn't just a paycheck. It's about saving lives as well as keeping everyone healthy and happy. You know what? We are darn good at it. SMILES!! I hope to see your new smiling face around. Thanks for taking a minute to read my honest review! Welcome to to Our Family!

What I dislike

I honestly sat her for a few minutes thinking of something that I disapprove of. But I can't. Sure everyone has their off days or isn't agreeing with everything everyday. We are human. But to to honestly say their us something that I disapprove of that would keep you from working with our, well there isn't anything. Look, we all strive for that one goal everyday. No matter what. I may have a headache today or you might had stubbed your toe this morning on that big chair that seems to always be in the way when you're in a hurry. And what's his face didn't sleep well last night and is super tired. Sure! We are cranky, don't feel good, or simply a but tired. But we all will still take our position seriously and help our patients and each other. We are human. Life. It happens. So no, I can't honestly say I disapprove of our company. My issue wasn't their causing but they are there to help.

Suggestions for improvement

Improvements? Sure! There is always room for improvements. With all the new updates or inventions, there is always something to improve at any place of service. If there are any, our people are already taking care of them.

Internal Communication

Constant communication either through email or in person.


There is a 0 tolerance level for anything other than working well with others. If there is an issue our higher authority is very helpful to evaluate the situation and do what is in the best interests of all that are included.

Work-Life Balance

If a position isn't working out for you, our authorities take these situations seriously and help you find the right position so that you are comfortable.

Support from management

Our management support is their ALWAYS when you need them. My manager checks on us routinely without having to ask as well as monthly meetings. I love her, she great. I guess you can say she is like our Work Mother. Ha. She is always helping, doing what's best for her team. People make mistakes and people have to be taught new things and she is always so helpful and is calm the whole time.

Freedom to work independently

There are plenty of I dependent positions. They do give trust. We are in healthcare and people's health is important.

Inclusive / Diverse

100% value of diversity, hands down.

Gender Equality

Absolute equal opportunity for all and anyone. Everyone is treated with the same high level of respect and no one is treated differently for any reason what so ever.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Everyone is treated with the same high level of respect and no one is treated differently for any reason what so ever.

Office / Work Environment

Let's face it, things can break down but no matter the issue, which are very rare here, our guys are on top of it and completes the issues of it's entirety. Our facility is up to date in all areas.

Environmental Friendliness

You bet we recycle. All departments have recycle bins for paper, plastic, etc. As well as proper disposable routine for biohazard.

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicap accessible resources are constantly checked for any issues or even for new updates. It's always a "how can we continue to improve our facilities to ensure the proper safety and easy access resources for all peoples.

Workplace Safety

Safety is key here for all employees, our patients, their families, and any other visitors, inside AND outside all facilities.

Overall compensation for your work

With my degree, my position, I have to say that we are compensated pretty well and I have to say better than some other facilities that are in the same field as our amazing group. Compensation increases yearly if not more.

Company Image

I have been here 3 years and I will be staying as long as I am physically able. I love my position and it's an honor to work with such an amazing team. We all strive for the same goal everyday and that is keeping all, patients and each other, healthy and happy.

Career Development

There are opportunities to switch positions as well as "building up your position". Just communicate with your team.

Challenging Work

The challenges are just the amount of tasks given.

Company Culture

Job Security