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Apex Environmental Services 
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Employee Satisfaction

    • 4.0Overall compensation for your work
    • 1.0Job Security
    • 4.0Company Image
    • 1.0Career Development
    • 5.0Challenging Work
    • 1.0Company Culture
    • 1.0Internal Communication
    • 1.0Teamwork
    • 3.0Work-Life Balance
    • 1.0Support from management
    • 2.0Freedom to work independently
    • 3.0Office / Work Environment
    • 1.0Environmental Friendliness
    • 1.5Handicapped Accessibility
    • 2.0Workplace Safety
    • 1.0Inclusive / Diverse
    • 3.5Gender Equality
    • 3.0Attitude towards older colleagues

Companies are rated on kununu across 18 unique factors that fall into 4 categories. Since 2015, 2 employees rated this company with an average of 2.0 points.

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What employees say

Employees like

Easy Porter job

Employees don't like

Was told that I was not a cleaner. I was a porter. Which turned out to be untrue. I feel as though some people did not show up for the 2nd shift when they were assigned that shift and were protected from any repercussions by our team leader. He really did have a clue....just acted as if he didnt

Suggestions for improvement

Higher ups need to make several suprise visits....they might understand why the contracts are being lost, if that really IS the case

Worst factor

Worst rated: Job Security


The worst rated factor of Apex Environmental Services is Job Security with 1.0 points (based on one review).

Was told company had lost contract with employer due to their own falisies. No notice given me. Called by team leader end of my shift and told I no longer had the position

Company Culture

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Traditional Culture
Modern Culture

The culture gauge ranges from traditional to modern and represents the company culture for this company as voted anonymously by the employees. We are still collecting opinions to present a fairer picture for you, our users.

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