Appen Global: What's it like to work here?

  • Fayetteville, United States
  • IndustryInternet
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I worked as a "social media evaluator." The job was easy, but a bit repetitive. Also, your contract can end at any time.

Former EmployeeWorked at Appen Global in Atlanta, GA.

What I like

Working for Appen was a generally positive experience. I learned a bit about social media and I was able to work remotely. The pay was decent for what I was doing and the flexibility of the hours was great. Overall it was a positive experience and a great

What I dislike

I didn't like the fact that because you are in a contract position you can be let go at any time without any warning. But, in fairness, this is spelled out to you when you sign up to work for Appen. The pay per hour could be a bit higher as well.

Suggestions for improvement

As I worked remotely I really can't speak to this. It would be great though if there was an online forum or chat room where other remote employees could have conversations and support each other.

Company Culture

There was pretty good support and communication whenever I had an technical issue. It sometimes took a day or two to get a response, but once I got a response the person working to help me was always helpful and friendly.

Internal Communication

It sometimes took a day or two to get questions and concerns answered.


Since I worked remotely I didn't really have co-workers, but any online communication I had with other employes was always pleasant and helpful.

Work-Life Balance

You can decide how much or how little you work as long as you put in at least an hour a day for 5 days a week.

Support from management

Management was great, but it could sometimes take a day or two to hear from them if I had a question.

Freedom to work independently

There wasn't much micromanaging. Once you passed your initial "quiz" and passed you're pretty much on your own and trusted to do your work correctly and in a timely manner.

Inclusive / Diverse

Working remotely this is hard to judge.

Gender Equality

Again, since I worked remotely this is hard to judge, but I never noticed any issues with being treated unfairly due to my gender.

Attitude towards older colleagues

As I am not yet 45 I can't really speak to this.

Office / Work Environment

I worked remotely so my environment was my house and that's always comfotable for me. Seriously though I can't comment on their actual offices as I never went to one.

Overall compensation for your work

Pay per hour could have been a bit higher, but seeing as the work was easy and done remotely the pay was fair.

Job Security

Being a contractor means your position or job can be cut at any time. So stability isn't really a thing.

Company Image

It was a great learning experience.

Career Development

This really depends on the companies needs as you are only a contractor, but they do usually reach out with new tasks and jobs.

Challenging Work

I was doing social media evaluation which is pretty easy. It is, however, repetative and boring at times.

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety