Apple Dental: What's it like to work here?

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What I like


What I dislike

The company does not treat it's employees well. There is no respect to employees. Anything that is viewed as being wrong by the company is automatically the employees fault. If a patient does not show up for an appointment it is somehow the employees fault that the patient did not come in for their appointment. Things beyond employee control are blamed on the employee.

Suggestions for improvement


Company Culture

Coworkers commend each other and work together but overall the company does not trust the employees and does not treat them fairly.

Internal Communication

There are plenty of meetings about profit and why the employees are not doing their jobs efficiently however whenever attempts are made to discuss ways to improve employees are told it is not the time to discuss it. Time is never available to find ways to improve, but there is always time to place blame and put down all employees.


There is a team effort to work together amongst employees however due to Micromanaging and constant changes to procedures no one is ever on the same page.

Work-Life Balance

It is difficult to take time off due to patients being scheduled however when there are family emergencies one should be able to take off without issue, this is not the case at Apple Dental. Current working days are 4 days a week but are very long days.

Support from management

No leadership. No matter how hard you work or how much you do you are not appreciated or treated well.

Freedom to work independently

It is one persons way to the highway.

Inclusive / Diverse

No. Others opinions do not matter. Diversity is almost non existent.

Gender Equality

Most employees are female so that is not the issue. Regardless of being male or female all employees are paid as low as possible for their respected positions. Company pays the least they can for all positions.

Attitude towards older colleagues

There is a great amount of age diversity however no employees are being appreciated and supported. Very high turnover rate of employees of any age at Apple Dental.

Office / Work Environment

Building is not that bad however many computers are older and run slowly. Some equipment is outdated and does not function properly. Company is not willing to have equipment updated or repaired professionally by a knowledgeable service person but insists employees with no knowledge of how to repair the equipment attempt to repair it themselves.

Environmental Friendliness

Only what is legally necessary

Handicapped Accessibility

The building is handicapped accessible. It is not likely that a physically handicapped person would be hired as it may not give off "the best image" for the company.

Workplace Safety

No. The office currently does not have anything but a poster up with OSHA information. There are no MSDS manuals and no up to date training.

Overall compensation for your work

Salaries are paid on time. There are no benefits. No 401K. No health insurance. No overtime is paid even if you work over 40 hrs. Salaries are as low as company can get away with paying.

Job Security

There is no such thing as job security at Apple Dental. High turnover rate of employees. Staff is not treated well by company. Many seek out other places to work but there are many who simply get fired because the company did not like something about them.

Company Image

Most employees do not have positive things to say about the company. Everyone can find some good somewhere but most have the same opinion about the company. Most do not say negative things simply because they are afraid to loose their job when bills need paid. Understandable.

Career Development

There are not opportunities for advancement or growth at Apple Dental.

Challenging Work

I feel good working with my patients however due to the negative work environment it is rare to feel a sense of accomplishment.