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Apple is, by far, the best company I have ever worked for. The culture, salary and benefits are, in my opinion, the best

EmployeeWorked at Apple in Palo Alto, CA at the time of review.

What I like

Apple WANTS you to succeed and excel, and gives you the tools and training to do so. They treat their employees extremely well to encourage retention.

What I dislike

I have no serious complaints. I wish teams were left with one manager longer in order to better benefit from their guidance

Suggestions for improvement

Leave teams with one manager for a longer period of time to better benefit from their guidance

Company Culture

Apple is an amazing company to work for. Employees are treated with a tremendous amount of respect and care.

Internal Communication

Management, all the way up to Tim Cook, communicate expectations, successes, as well as fails exceptionally well


Teamwork is heavily promoted and encouraged

Work-Life Balance

Although there are many opportunities to schedule time off for self and family needs/time, there is room for improvement regarding short-notice needs

Support from management

Management is generally excellent but teams are given different managers too often to really benefit from guidance

Freedom to work independently

Within my role there could be a tendency to micro manage

Inclusive / Diverse

Apple revels in diversity and utilized different cultural perspectives to create a comfortable, open atmosphere

Gender Equality

As a woman, I have NEVER witnessed any unfair treatment or prejudice against women

Attitude towards older colleagues

As a 53 year old woman, I have never witnessed any case of ageism

Office / Work Environment

I work from home, and they provide excellent guidance to make my workspace as comfortable as possible

Environmental Friendliness

Apple participates in and promotes the most aggressive recycle/reuse program that I am aware of

Handicapped Accessibility

I work from home, and many accommodations are provided for disabilities

Workplace Safety

Training is provided to create a safe work environment

Overall compensation for your work

Both wages and benefits are among the best in the industry

Job Security

I absolutely agree with the statement that my position is stable

Company Image

That says it all

Career Development

Even in the work-from-home niche, training is provided to progress and grow. Apple heavily promotes continual development

Challenging Work

I come to work and face new, interesting challenges daily