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Apple is awesome, they have their issues like everyone else, but they are doing their best, and that's all that matters

EmployeeWorked at Apple in Tampa, FL at the time of review.

What I like

I have loved working for Apple, it has helped me grow as a person for sure. There have been some really tough interactions with customers that have allowed me to learn how to deal with conflict as well as unique situations that have required me to think outside the box. Some days are most definitely more stressful than others, customers aren't always the nicest, but having amazing coworkers and managers makes even the worst days not too bad

What I dislike

Managers need to learn how to stand by what their employees say instead of giving in to make customers happy

Suggestions for improvement

I would change the system of transferring stores so employees don't lose their benefits if they have to move to a place where their closest Apple store doesn't have any openings at first

Company Culture

Apple is an amazing company, but there are still some issues where you feel as though managers pick favorites

Internal Communication

Apple has a huge company wide survey twice a year that allows employees to make suggestions for the company, they also love sharing success stories


Part of the core of Apple is to have amazing relationships with your peers

Work-Life Balance

Apple does it's best to give you the time off you would like, but it's not always possible

Support from management

Management does the best they can, but sometimes they are more customer focused than employee focused and that can translate to the customer that the employee just wan't being helpful

Freedom to work independently

95% of all Apple interactions are between a single employee and their customer(s)

Inclusive / Diverse

Apple has a very diverse culture, both with ethnicities and sexual orientations

Gender Equality

I have never felt treated differently, but I do know I get paid less than some of my male coworkers that were hired in after me

Attitude towards older colleagues

Apple doesn't care about your background or past, but more about who you are as a person and how you connect with people

Office / Work Environment

The store itself is made out of metal, so while it provides a very sleek look, it also makes it a very loud place to work

Environmental Friendliness

One of the main priorities of Apple is caring about the environment, so much to the point that some of the stores have literal trees growing in them

Handicapped Accessibility

The store itself is handicap accessible, but the bathrooms are not

Workplace Safety

There have been many times when I have seen coworkers scaling shelves to reach things because the store is too tall for shorter women

Overall compensation for your work

If you were to compare my company to others, I definitely make more money than others, but within the company I feel that my position should be paid more.

Job Security

As long as Apple stays a company (and I follow the company guidelines), I am not worried about losing my job

Company Image

I love working for Apple, but I don't like telling people because they then think that I can fix everything for them

Career Development

I find that there is definitely room for growth in the company, but there have been times when the steps needed for growth weren't fully communicated

Challenging Work

The reason it is so challenging is because I not only work in a retail environment, but I'm also having to deal with trying to resolve the technological issues of the customers' devices