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It has been an outstanding experience. The training and support has made me a better person regardless of where I go.

EmployeeWorked at Apple Inc in Houston, TX at the time of review.

What I like

I have felt supported from day one. I focused on learning all I could and have moved around in the company over the years. The job is sometimes stressful but it is always worth while.

What I dislike

Sometimes there can be too much policy and it can be difficult to keep up with. In a fast paced environment, it can be difficult to be. properly informed of changing rules.

Suggestions for improvement

Greater opportunity for building yourself professionally and personally.

Company Culture

The culture fosters creativity and supports you in your career.

Internal Communication

regular reviews to see what you're doing well and can improve on.


integrity is at the core.

Work-Life Balance

Great vacation benefits and flexible schedules.

Support from management

Anything I need I just have to ask.

Freedom to work independently

minimal supervision as long as you do your job.

Inclusive / Diverse

promotes acceptance and does not tolerate any discrimination.

Gender Equality

I have a good mix of every walk of life as Co workers

Attitude towards older colleagues

I work with many younger and older people.

Office / Work Environment

always comfy and happy.

Environmental Friendliness

100% renewable powered.

Handicapped Accessibility


Workplace Safety

security and training are intense.

Overall compensation for your work

better than the norm.

Job Security

may change as soon as needed but I feel valuable.

Company Image

I feel like I make a difference.

Career Development

I feel somewhat alone in my career but do have resources.

Challenging Work

Work hard and get rewarded for it.