Aquatech International, LLC: What's it like to work here?

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Overall, I would say that working at that company is worth it since I get paid well and the people there are very suppor

Co-opWorked at Aquatech International Corporation (Canonsburg, PA / United States) in Canonsburg, PA, PA at the time of review.

What I like

I would really recommend this company as it is a fun place to worki in. l'd definitely recommend it.

What I dislike

I disapprove of the food, that's it. They dont provide vegan options :(

Suggestions for improvement

I suggest cleaning the restroom.

Company Culture

I think culture is great. It really helps everyone have an open mind about other cultures.

Internal Communication

I get along with everyone.


Love helping people at work

Work-Life Balance

My work is enough

Freedom to work independently

I believe in everyone including myself.

Inclusive / Diverse

Love the aesthetic at the company

Gender Equality

My offers equal opportunities to everyone

Attitude towards older colleagues

My company doesn't care about age, they care about quality work

Challenging Work

It is very stressful, but worth the money.

Support from management

Office / Work Environment

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security

Company Image

Career Development