Arrow Electronics, Inc.: What's it like to work here?

Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Great company to work for. Pays well and has strong management. It's a very diverse workforce and treats women fairly.

EmployeeWorked at Arrow electronics inc in Reno, NV at the time of review.

What I like

They try to have monthly events to show they appreciate their employees and also has plenty of recognition in the company as well.

What I dislike

They could offer some better benefits like offer more paid time off, better insurance options and tuition reimbursement.

Suggestions for improvement

Sometimes the cultures don't blend well so I would provide better understanding of each culture to help with that.

Company Culture

It's very diverse and they are open to all cultures

Internal Communication

I think they can do more of this


Culture and respect are very important at Arrow

Work-Life Balance

Sometimes runs too much overtime for hourly production workers

Support from management

It's very diverse and they are open to all cultures

Freedom to work independently

Everyone works independently yet as a team

Inclusive / Diverse

It's a very diverse workforce

Gender Equality

Many women in leadership roles

Attitude towards older colleagues

Large age group in the company

Office / Work Environment

Temperature regulated warehouse

Environmental Friendliness

Recycled electronics properly

Handicapped Accessibility

Hard for a handicapped individual to work in warehouse

Workplace Safety

Safety is number one

Overall compensation for your work

Pays well

Job Security

Plenty of work to do

Company Image

Good people work there

Career Development

Lots of development

Challenging Work

Writing policies and employee relations can be challenging