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They pretend to care, but this is a superficial mirage.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Ascension in Stevens Point, WI at the time of review.

What I like

Most of my coworkers.

What I dislike

The upper management who are making decisions without asking those who will be effected, whether or not the proposed changes are feasible!!!

Suggestions for improvement

Actually practice your mission and values!

Company Culture

Our hospital and clinics used to be well respected. Since Ascension came in, we have lost physicians and other employees at an alarming rate. Ascension really only cares about maximizing profits at the expense of quality care.

Internal Communication

They only tell us things after-the-fact.


Some people are willing to help, but no one wants to help if it decreases their productivity.

Work-Life Balance

My department is average on this area, but some departments are below average in this area.

Support from management

Management says they want you to talk to them about concerns. They are supportive of you do what they tell you to without questioning it.

Freedom to work independently

Sure you can work independently, but Big Brother is ALWAYS watching. Heaven forbid you take a break or spend an extra moment with a patient/family members. If you can't charge for it, don't even think about it. WHEN are we supposed to document!?

Inclusive / Diverse

Our hospital is SO white... except for the doctors. They are mostly foreign.

Gender Equality

Many more men in upper management. Since we can't talk about wages, I'm sure there is a wage gap. However, I am not sure.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Upper management actually told a (now former) employee she would not get a raise "because older employees tend to be lazy."

Office / Work Environment

Morale is down and continues to go down more every time someone else leaves due to changes and bad healthcare attitudes by upper management.

Environmental Friendliness

We try.

Workplace Safety

They are really good about safety, but I think that is a leftover habit from when we were Ascension.

Overall compensation for your work

My pay is average okay, but low for the area.

Job Security

With people dropping like flies, you wouldn't think one wouldn't have to worry about losing their jobs. You would be wrong. Ascension has outsourced low level jobs and have fired respected physicians without warning.

Company Image

Ascension has lowered the image of our hospitals and clinics.

Career Development

We had to FIGHT for any continuing education reimbursement. Wouldn't you think you would want your healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date with current practices?

Challenging Work

It is definitely challenging to see your patients and try to find time to document when your day is packed with patients and no breaks.

Handicapped Accessibility