Ascension: What's it like to work here?

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This is a home care and hospice agency. There are separate staff for each aspect. Very supportive and patient focused.

Former EmployeeWorked at Ascension Home Care and Hospice in Woodruff, WI.

What I like

The hospice staff focus on interdisciplinary planning and support. The goal is to give the patient and family the tools that they need to successfully caregivers at home, with intermittent visits and 24/7 support. Nursing assistants, chaplains and social workers are all part of the team. The most common phrase that I hear from patients and families is that they wish that they had signed up for hospice sooner, as they are so happy with the available resources for them.

What I dislike

There is nothing specific that I would want to change.

Suggestions for improvement

The challenges are those familiar to anyone in healcare, how to meet multiple needs, interact with people at a fragile time in their life and do it with compassion and excellence. I think Ascension does as well, if not better, as any healthcare organization to make this happen.

Company Culture

A very positive and supportive environment with coworkers who really cared about each other.

Internal Communication

The leaders do a great job of getting to know an individuals strengths and weaknesses and challenges people to always do their best


Daily team meetings to review needs, but also team building.

Work-Life Balance

There is on call hours and weekend hours. The leaders do encourage staff to lead a balanced life.

Support from management

Awesome and supportive managers

Freedom to work independently

The nature of home care and hospice is that you have to work independently. The leaders provide the support to make that happen.

Inclusive / Diverse

Everyone was encouraged to share their ideas.

Gender Equality

Nursing is primarily a female profession. Males are definitely welcome and treated well.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Many of the staff were older and were seen as mentors by the younger staff.

Office / Work Environment

Most of the work is done in patient homes. Little work is done in the office.

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling bins available and encouraged.

Handicapped Accessibility

The facility is on one level, with no stairs. Not sure that the doors self open.

Workplace Safety

Training modules for safe driving, managing patients and families with challenging behaviors.

Overall compensation for your work

The pay isn't as high as in the larger cities, but very adequate and pays well for the area.

Job Security

While the census fluctuates, there is always enough work to keep people busy.

Company Image

A very caring company that values good patient care.

Career Development

Staff are regularly promoted from within.

Challenging Work

The work is different every day. It allows you to be creative and have to think on your feet.