At Home Senior Care - Rutland, Vt: What's it like to work here?

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What I like

I love the freedom of being able to choose your availability, up to a point.

What I dislike

After working every day, even if only for a few hours for over a year and being told that even though you're close to retirement, and want to take weekends off, that you have to work 2 weekends a month.

Suggestions for improvement

Would be great if the pay were a few more dollars per hour.
If we could be publicly recognized for our work - maybe employee of the month in a local paper. Appreciated employees are better employees!
If when we have to turn down a shift for personal reasons, we aren't made to feel guilty.
Maybe have sign on bonuses after certain number of hours worked.
Christmas bonuses to correspond with the hours worked during the year.
Monthly or bimonthly meetings to better ourselves as caregivers - diabetes training, transplant information, Alzheimer's seminar, fire safety, CPR. All of these things would improve everyone.

Company Culture

Usually very upbeat phone personnel.

Internal Communication

Most info is shared via email and word of mouth.


Even out supervisors help out when we're short-staffed in the field!

Work-Life Balance

Don't ever seen to have enough personal time. Even when not working I'm thinking of our clients. It's the nature of the business.

Support from management

Even last minute call-outs are usually covered.

Freedom to work independently

As long as we follow guidelines, we're encouraged to work on our own, within limits.

Inclusive / Diverse

I believe we're a diverse company. The only reason, other than not having a caring nature, for not being hired would be a background check that showed felonies or drugs, I believe.

Gender Equality

Always looking for more males!!!

Attitude towards older colleagues

Once again, most of those in our company work with elderly people so we're very understanding and accepting of our older colleagues.

Office / Work Environment

Those of us who are caregivers have a different work environment, almost daily, as we work in our client's homes.

Environmental Friendliness

As a company we are very aware of our environment.

Handicapped Accessibility

Everything about our company is geared toward people with no ility issues.

Workplace Safety

Once again, our office is a safe place but, each home is different. Sometimes it can take quite a long time to encourage people to make changes in their homes.

Overall compensation for your work

I do believe that for the job(s) we do, we are very underpaid. However, it's the standard scale.

Job Security

Our business will never have enough employees to cover the growing need of the aging population.

Company Image

As a whole, we have a very good image. There are always a few tarnished apples in the cart the leave marks on our image.

Career Development

Can't really climb the ladder in this line of work without getting away from client care. You could, I suppose, get a nursing degree but, our company doesn't provide nursing care so, to use the degree you would have to move on.

Challenging Work

Our jobs can be VERY challenging! I try to connect people with organizations that could make their lives easier. Sometimes things go extremely smooth while other times trying to convince someone that they need to eat today, or take their meds, or get cleaned up can be exhausting!