Atlantic Group Inc. /PVNGS: What's it like to work here?

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administrative assistant

Former EmployeeWorked in Administration until 2011.

What I like

They took care of there employees.

What I dislike

They had to leave PVNGS.

Suggestions for improvement

Go back to PVNGS, so former employees can work for your company that cared for there employees

Company Culture

Yes, employees were comfortable with the company.

Internal Communication

Communicatio was always good.


Yes, we did work as a team player.

Work-Life Balance

We had to make sure our job was covered first by another employee before we took our vacation time. Yes, Families was always considerate.

Support from management

Yes that was a good thing on having the employees opinions on decision making.

Inclusive / Diverse

Yes met all our deadlines.

Gender Equality

They gave us same career opportunities without disadvantage to all workers.

Attitude towards older colleagues

They had appreciation rewards for employees.

Office / Work Environment

Yes everything was updated.

Environmental Friendliness

Yes, they took care of there employees.

Handicapped Accessibility

Yes, the company work with you.

Career Development

I don't recall having any issues with the company or former colleagues.

Challenging Work

Yes, the company has done a lot for the employees.

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security

Company Image