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Avalon Health 

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When I applied to another facility nearby, I was shocked at the difference in how happy the residents & staff both were.

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Former EmployeeWorked at Avalon Health Care in Aberdeen, WA.

What I like

I loved working with and caring for the residents. It was a very demanding job, but I will always be thankful for the time I spent helping the vulnerable with everyday tasks that they can no longer complete on their own. Many struggle with the idea that t

What I dislike

Any time someone who works with and cares for a resident evey day notices something different, it should never be brushed off. I had a resident who began behaving very strangely - forgetting where she was/ her age/ her physical abilities, and who also beg

Suggestions for improvement

Proper staffing would make the biggest impact. It would allow for each nurse and CNA to provide proper care and for the residents to feel happier and comfortable in their environment.

Company Culture

This company did not seem to care about the residents or the employees. The employees were overworked and constantly understaffed. Multiple times a week, CNAs from each unit would be required to stay after their scheduled shift to work the following 8 hou

Internal Communication

There were multiple occasions that concerns were expressed and then just looked over. When a CNA who works with a specific resident 5 days a week for at least 8 hours a day notices a difference in their behavior, it should not be brushed off.


They always encouraged us to sort things out for ourselves.

Work-Life Balance

My official schedule was Wednesday - Sunday, 6:00 am - 2:30 pm. Most weeks I would volunteer to work an additional 18 to 20 hours extra. However, even with working all of those extra hours, if someone called out for the shift following mine, I was still r

Support from management

If I took extra time with a resident in the morning to make sure that they were properly dressed and groomed, I would be reprimanded for not being to breakfast in time. This was the same for any other time of day as well. Most of the residents were not pr

Freedom to work independently

Everyone was allowed to work independently, but that is only because they didn't care about the quality of work. So long as the work was charred and documented as being done, they didn't care if you actually did it.

Inclusive / Diverse

If you had a difference in opinion, they would make you feel as if your position there was threatened.

Gender Equality

Working at a nursing home, a vast majority of the staff was female. There did not seem to be any discrimation towards women when there were men equally qualified.

Attitude towards older colleagues

The older staff (60+) often were not required to work additional shifts.

Office / Work Environment

Lighting/temperature/etc. was fine. However, we were expected to transfer residents who were supposed to be two-assist on our own. We were also chastised if we asked for a second person to be in the room while using the hoyer lift or the sit-to-stand.

Environmental Friendliness

The only concern they showed was when we went through too much linen (wash cloths, bath towels, bed sheets) and they would try to limit how much we were allotted each shift.

Handicapped Accessibility

It was a nursing home.

Workplace Safety

We were expected to lift and transfer residents on our own even if they were charted to be a double-assist or more. We were also expected to go to work if we were ill and were told to simply take cold medicine. If we asked to go home while sick, they thre

Overall compensation for your work

I believe that my wage at the time was comparable to other CNAs in the area.

Job Security

As soon as I tried to see if I could change my schedule to be with my family (2 hours away from where I lived and worked) they told me I couldn't and began cutting my hours.

Company Image

Grays Harbor Health & Rehab accepted me for the course to become a CNA. Being able to care for residents every day was enlightening and rewarding, even if we didn't have enough staff to provide the care that we should have. I will always be thankful for

Career Development

If a CNA was enrolled in the nursing program, they would work with their schedules.

Challenging Work

The constant lack of proper staff made it feel impossible to properly care for residents at times. Having to rush the residents through their everyday tasks in their own home because we didn't have proper staffing was heartbreaking.