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I have never felt more accepted in an environment than I do now. My concerns are their concerns and that is rare to find

EmployeeWorked at Avera McKennan Hospital Medical Staff in Sioux Falls, SD at the time of review.

What I like

The company that I work for is caring and compassionate. I have had a lot of set back in my personal life this past year and my company has stood by me through it all. Not only has the company stood by me but the specialty clinic I work for has been amazing. The day to day interactions that we get to have with patients is hard to put into words. Those moments are not taken for granted. When a patient tells me that they love to see someone taking their job so seriously makes me jump for joy inside. Not only am I making a positive impact on those patients it also makes them feel more positive about our company.

What I dislike

As a catholic based hospital I wish they would take a step back on how they view family planning. I watch countless mothers struggle to get pregnant and other girls regret their mistakes. Birth control is the forbidden fruit. I would like to see more options for those who want kids.

Suggestions for improvement

I would like to see a change in how the hiring process is done. It takes a while to get a call back and potentially we are losing valuable employees because they weren’t given a fair interview.

Company Culture

I work with a great team that cares about each other not just in the office but on a personal level as well.

Internal Communication

Communication is one of the top priorities. The message is shared but maybe not always understood by everyone.


One of the biggest things that is shared in this company is communication. If we can not communicate open and honestly we do not work well as a team.

Work-Life Balance

I work a 5 day 40hr a week position. This allows me to do what I love but also have time with my family and friends.

Inclusive / Diverse

The company is always looking for new ideas on how to make the work place better. Suggestion box is a big part of that.

Attitude towards older colleagues

So far I have always seen fairness when it comes to older employees.

Office / Work Environment

Things I have asked for to make my job easier I have always been provided.

Handicapped Accessibility

As a health care institute we strive to provide the best care and accessibility to all patients.

Workplace Safety

We review and practice osha safety at all times.

Company Image

We work as a team and laugh as a team and we even cry as a team. I proud to be an employee to a great company.

Career Development

There is training within your degree but without further education from a intuition there is no growth.

Challenging Work

Patients always come first and sometimes that can be challenging when they are frustrated and scared.

Support from management

Freedom to work independently

Gender Equality

Environmental Friendliness

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security