Bakersfield Memorial ER: What's it like to work here?

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This Hospital is horrible. They do not put patients or employees first. The bottom dollar is what governs the facility.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.

What I like

It is a religious hospital so I enjoyed visiting the chapel for prayer and meditation. Also they have all the free coffee you can drink. And free healthcare provided by the hospital

What I dislike

Management is terrible, Human Resources is terrible, Rushing employees out of the door before they get one minute of overtime

Suggestions for improvement

Have a solid whistleblower process so that employees can be protected and be able to alert administrators of wrongdoings without retliation

Company Culture

Horrible teammates

Internal Communication

Communication is decent


Management team is terrible, Human Resources are a disaster

Work-Life Balance

They are very stingy when it comes to overtime and it was never hard for me to take time off or call in sick

Support from management

Management is a revolving door and lacks stability

Freedom to work independently

Many employees take advantage and do not pull their weight

Inclusive / Diverse

No employees input is never considered

Gender Equality

Their is a lack of diversity. Management is prejudice

Attitude towards older colleagues

They are very unfair with the distribution of labor

Office / Work Environment

They have employees with injuries working and force fellow employees to pick up the slack of the injured with a short staff

Environmental Friendliness

There are bins throughout the facility for recycling

Handicapped Accessibility

Being that it is a hospital they are very handicap friendly

Workplace Safety

Slip hazards are overlooked basic maintenance is neglected

Overall compensation for your work

No their time clock is weird and cheat you out of valuable minutes

Company Image

Second worse job I ever had

Career Development

Only if management likes you

Challenging Work

They have you doing jobs you never were trained to do

Job Security