Balfour Senior Living: What's it like to work here?

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An absolute JOKE of an establishment.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked for this company until 2015.

Company Culture

The residents are for the most part wonderful individuals, it's a shame the majority of the staff are about as fake as the Presidents tan.

Internal Communication

Utterly astounding and completely unprofessional lack of communication company wide.


Teamwork among the staff, at least in my department, was for the most part always exceptional, especially when we had to band together to pick up the slack of management effort or mistakes.

Work-Life Balance

Every departments failures comes around to hurt another department, and in the end the employees actually on the floor in the midst of the customer service which is what the company is built one, get stuck with the shortest end. Poor budgeting and unmanageable leadership leads to a lack of staff, putting the current employees in stressful conditions and grueling schedules.

Support from management

If you are looking for a company in which yourself and your boss share mutual respect, it won't be here. Management here is a joke and the reason I left the company. At least in my department, realistic expectations was a foreign concept, there was an outstanding and completely unprofessional lack of communication, and zero respect given to the employees who deserved it.

Freedom to work independently

While the actual management is never around, the supervisor is usually around, which is only a new development because the management doesn't want to be around. The supervisor isn't given clearance to actually be helpful with the work, so it's a huge waste of money the company doesn't even have.

Inclusive / Diverse

While there is much to be said for the company in a negative light, being anything but inclusive or diverse is not something I worry about.

Gender Equality

To say the very least, I was making over two dollars less an hour then my male counter part in the exact same position with even less experience then I had.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Older workers are welcomed and valued, often it is the younger co-workers who are disrespected in the work place.

Office / Work Environment

Beautiful building and interior design.

Environmental Friendliness

Such a wasteful company.

Handicapped Accessibility

The buildings are built with handicap accessibility in mind for our elderly residents.

Workplace Safety

Physical environment is safe as long as you are prepared. The only time I ever felt un-safe was due to a violent coworker, who is still employed even with multiple and multitudes of various complaints lodged against him by at least a dozen of people. He is a sue chef who is married to a supervisor, and best friends with our HR representative.

Overall compensation for your work

The earnings are fair for the work, but only if the real issues are resolved within the company.

Job Security

If you show up and do the work, you absolutely have job security as long as you can stand working in that environment.

Company Image

Very beautifully put together and advertised, but crumbling behind closed doors.

Career Development

The company is good at letting you progress through your department and also transferring into other departments, with many opportunities and room to grow.

Challenging Work

It's fulfilling work aside from all the difficulties. Challenging at times, easy in others, but fulfilling all the same.