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Bay Valley 

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Service Manager

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Production until 2006.

What I dislike

owners/upper management only think about themselfs

Company Culture

uninviting culture and low employee moral

Internal Communication

if your not family your not included


upper management plays favorites

Work-Life Balance

if your not family your made to feel guilty about personal time

Support from management

poor leadership

Freedom to work independently

upper management lazy

Inclusive / Diverse

it's a family owned business if your not family your opinion does not count

Office / Work Environment

owners will not spend money for quality computers or support

Overall compensation for your work

benefits and wages are below average

Job Security

there is no job security if your not family

Career Development

you will not be allowed to move up past middle management if your not family

Challenging Work

very little employee appreciation

Gender Equality

Environmental Friendliness