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BAYADA Home Health 

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My experience working for Bayada have been mostly positive. Hours are flexible with work/life balance.

EmployeeWorked at Bayada in Honolulu, HI at the time of review.

What I like

The company paid out for maternity leave for 6 weeks when I had my baby. They have also been very patience with my lack of childcare from time to time. Childcare is very hard to come by in Honolulu but they allowed me the time to find another sitter or nanny when mine quit.

What I dislike

I don't like that there is a break down in communication with office staff and field employees. For those of us in the field, need time off, or need to change our schedule we depend on the office staff to make that happen and there has been time that request was not done but field employee were blamed or request was not giving because of failure to document it.

Suggestions for improvement

If anything I would change the fact that we don't have an on-site daycare because many of us need childcare in order to work.

Company Culture

I normally do home visit but there are time I work in the center and I have helpful coworkers. Some of the BCBA are helpful as well.

Internal Communication

At Bayada we find out a lot of information late and a lot of the information we should get from office staff is poorly communicated


I sometimes think that the office staff share too much information about other workers

Work-Life Balance

Allowed to take time off when needed usually and work is flexible

Support from management

I normally do home visit but there are time I work in the center and I have helpful coworkers. Some of the BCBA are helpful as well.

Freedom to work independently

We are micro-managed if in the center but working independently is much better at an in-home setting

Inclusive / Diverse

I believe Bayada does a very good job at allowing us to express our opinions

Gender Equality

The company is made up of mostly women that are behavior therapist

Attitude towards older colleagues

I dont know if we have very manh people that are 45 or older

Office / Work Environment

All depends if you are in the center or in clients home. If you are in the homes then you have to adjust to how clients live

Environmental Friendliness

I have never heard talk about environmental concerns at my location

Company Image

There is good and bad about the job but overall it is an ok company to work for

Career Development

There is opportunity for growth but I have had to work for another company in order to get the full support I needed in order to progress with my field

Challenging Work

I love what I do as a behavior therapist so most days don't really seem like work for me.

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security