Blue Cross Blue Shield: What's it like to work here?

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Overall, I enjoy working for the company I work for. I really enjoy what I do.

EmployeeWorked at Anthem Blue Cross BLue Shield in Middletown, NY at the time of review.

What I like

My company is diverse and fair. I have never experienced any form of discrimination on a personal or indirect level. It is a great company to work for, and they offer many benefits that are useful to everyday life and for the future.

What I dislike

Although the market is very competitive, I think the salaries should be reconsidered, especially when the responsibilities increase. Other than that, it is a great company to work for.

Suggestions for improvement

The main improvement I would make to the company is higher salaries. The cost of living often increases, but the company doesn't give raises too often. And you pretty much have to beg for a raise.

Company Culture

The company culture is pretty comfortable. Where there is room for improvement, the company does exhibit culture.

Internal Communication

I think lack of communication is one major complaint I have about the company. It would be great if the communication efforts were increased.


Although most of the employees work independently, for when we have to work together, integrity is expected.

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance for me is suitable. Although I sometimes work over my scheduled hours, I never have to take my work home with me,

Support from management

Management is very supportive and helpful.

Freedom to work independently

Most of our employees work independently.

Inclusive / Diverse

The workplace is 100 percent diverse. It is a very comfortable setting to work in.

Gender Equality

Most of the leading roles are performed by males. However, there are many women capable of the same roles but fewer of them are hired for the higher positions.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I think the company does well with treating people relatively fair.

Office / Work Environment

The work environment is comfortable. I have no complaints about the environment in which I work.

Environmental Friendliness

There are sufficient recycling bins and smoke free zones. Therefore I will agree they demonstrate awareness in that area.

Handicapped Accessibility

The entire facility is handicap accessible.

Workplace Safety

Safety is one of the top priorities there since the location is one which would be targeted by terrorists. Safety is not an issue.

Overall compensation for your work

I would like to earn much more for the responsibilities that I have.

Job Security

I have been with my job for 13 years and in my current position for 5. I feel it is relatively stable.

Company Image

I do not think I am paid my worth based on my education and experience, but other than that, I do like my job and position.

Career Development

There are very minimal career growth opportunities because the turnaround time is limited.

Challenging Work

I work in a position where accuracy and time plays a huge role in our company success. Therefore, most day it can be very challenging.