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I love my job! GREAT company to work for. I work from home. Fair to all employees and treats us ALL equally and with res

EmployeeWorked at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina in Florence, SC at the time of review.

What I like

I LOVE MY COMPANY!! It is a great place to work. They all employees equally and with respect. I work from home. I have various contacts if I need support and they are always available. I would recommend this company to anyone of my friends or family that may be interested in it. I also found that everyone is very respectful and I worked in a very diverse company. They have no discrimination with race, Creed, religion, faith, or any other personal use you may have. My company has made it very clear to all employees that we are all valuable and that our emotions and feelings are valid as well. I can't say enough about BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina. I would love to spend the rest of my years of employment with this company. I do know that this company does have layoffs sometimes but I do feel that my job is secure at the moment. My managers, trainers, my Outreach specialist, and all my upper management are always there if I have a question are very supportive to me. I never have problems getting in the contact with anyone if there is an issue. Being that I work from home I have a computer, actually two computers and a phone, that were provided by the company set up in my home. My only requirements is that I have at least four G service with my internet company. I am a claims reviewer for Medicare home health claims. I feel like I have been trained adequately and very knowledgeable about my responsibilities. I really enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. I am able to be home with my family more. The company also is very compassionate if you ever have a need outside of work that requires your time and emotions involved, they never have a problem with anything like that. I love working for this company again! This is a very large company that employs tens of thousands of people. Is a very large company there for it has a very good reputation and very good reviews. I have, at this point, had no problems or issues with management or any of the corporate pe

What I dislike

I really can't complain about anything and have nothing that I disapprove of it this point. I thoroughly enjoy working for this company, as I have stated previously. I would recommend this company to any of my friends or family that are seeking employment in a good and positive atmosphere. I am very fortunate that this job came along when it did. I have a husband at home with leukemia, my 14 year old is medically homebound from school, and I am also the caregiver for both of my disabled parents. I have thus far had any type of problems, or any kind of repercussions of any kind with any of my needs outside of work to take care of my family. I was not actually looking for a job when this job fell in my lap. I had been praying about my financial status, considering all the medical costs that I have to incur at the time, and God answered my prayers. I am now at this point in my life able to take care of my family's medical, emotional, physical, educational and every other need for my husband, children and both of my parents at this time. Once again this company is very very good to work for. I enjoy my job and I enjoy my flexibility from being able to work at home. God has truly blessed me with this job! As I said I wasn't actively looking for another job at the time this one came about, but it certainly came about at perfect time. I am able to make certain that all of the needs of my family are met and it was also a very significant pay increase for me! The pay increase yes something that I desperately needed with all the Medical expenses that my family is incurring at this time. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina has been a godsend to me and my family. This company treats me with respect, dignity, makes me feel like my emotions and feelings are valid, and that I can count as an employee and as a human being. Not mean companies can make you feel this way. I have been a nurse for 20 years and this is the best company I have ever worked for thus far. Once again I lov

Suggestions for improvement

At this point my career I cannot think of any changes that would need to be made with this company. As I have said over and over again they're supportive, respectful, compassionate, emotionally tuned into my emotions as well as all of my co-workers emotions. Right now in South Carolina we are experiencing a hurricane and my company is very understanding of our needs for ourselves and our families as well as our safety. At this point there has been no post or emails about closure's so we are to report to work, at this time. I don't have a problem doing that being that I work from home. Since my children are out of school because they are using the school district here for shelters for evacuees from other places across South Carolina this has made it much easier for me to have child hair and to make certain that my children are being taken care of and all of their needs are being met physically, emotionally, and just their daily basic needs as well. As I said before my husband is sick with leukemia and I never have a problem with that with my company they're very understanding and compassionate. We have had some Financial struggles lately, my husband has even canceled his 401k so that we are able to provide care for my son that is homebound medically from school. We are trying to get back on their feet at this point and with the increase in pay at this job it has made it possible for us to be able to do this in a much faster manner. I love my company. I love my company. I love my company. I would recommend it to anyone that I know friends are family as a good place to work and as a good work family. All of my managers, trainers, it support, and upper management are all good to work for and knowledgeable whenever I have a question or if I am stuck on something, they're always there to dig me out of my whole to pick me up and to give me support and encouragement on a daily basis. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is an outstanding company to work for and I would re

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