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stagnant job opportunities

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Production at Boeing in Everett, WA at the time of review.

What I like

direct deposit and better healthcare than most other aerospace companies

What I dislike

They don't practice what they preach in regards to offering career advancement (except to the fresh college graduate). Once you're in a job - you'll be in that job forever. So if you're hired in as an experienced employee (meaning you've got 10+ years under your belt), you will be passed over for promotions and career advancement.

Suggestions for improvement

Stop ignoring older employees as if they have no ambition to advance their career.

Company Culture

Boeing is trying to change its stodgy culture - but it hasn't been effective. Lots of talk, no actual change.

Internal Communication

Most communication is via email notifications. Rarely is it personal.


They promote teamwork and collaboration extensively - mostly because each job has limited resources, so you have to rely on others for their participation.

Work-Life Balance

Boeing touts work-life balance, but in reality they'll work you to death - family/life be dammed.

Support from management

Depends on the division and the age of the management. If you're in a dept with old management, they won't support you, they are only looking out for themselves.. Newer managers seem to be better at supporting their employees.

Freedom to work independently

Yes, but mostly no. You are pigeon holed in your job - the requirements are very specific and independant work really is frowned upon - and you won't get any credit for it.

Inclusive / Diverse

Boeing hires everyone

Gender Equality

Technically the opportunities are equal, but I think women are given preference for opportunities so the company appears to not discriminate based on gender.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Boeing wants the reputation of being a young company - so in the last 4 years has laid off over 15,000 older employees (forced retirement and laid off if over the age of 50)

Office / Work Environment

If you're lucky enough to get an office assignment - you'll be put in a cubical farm. Half of the folks usually get a table on the production floor (noisy, cold/hot, dirty)

Environmental Friendliness

Better than most in heavy manufacturing - but still could do more.

Handicapped Accessibility

They say they provide reasonable accommodation - but it is up to the employee to make it work.

Workplace Safety

There's been a big push over the last 5 years to improve safety. Only took them 100 years to figure it out that injured employees are not very productive

Overall compensation for your work

you have to walk on water to get more than a cost of living raise. Boeings compensation is on par with other aerospace companies - but far below high tech.

Job Security

Boeing has laid off or forced retirement on over 15,000 people in the last 4 years

Company Image

They build good stuff, but they are a follower (except in their satellite and military business where they are a leader)

Career Development

They provide some resources but its all on you. Mentors are hard to come by because they're all too busy for you.

Challenging Work

Boring work. You're a human robot.