Bonefish Grill 7050: What's it like to work here?

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1 review from employees

I've worked for the company for 5 years now and I couldn't recommend a better place to work in the job field.


What I like

I've met some amazing people in the company. They have impacted my life ion a greater scale than just the role they play being my coworker. The company has also been supportive and adaptive and even provided me the opportunity to relocate to two different store locations.

What I dislike

There's not many, more along the lines of things you encounter with any kind of cooperate company. I get frustrated at times because I feel like my voice doesn't really have an impact on the "big" guys who make all the decisions even though I'm the one working first hand with the clients and could provide helpful suggestions to improve the company but instead I feel I get dismissed easily because of where I stand in the company.

Suggestions for improvement

I would focus on management and employee communication. I think job titles can sometimes cause problems with work relationships. Working on better ways to encourage team members in a positive reinforced way instead of just focusing on the negative aspects when they arise. Positive reinforcement and boosting overall team morale.

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