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Boston Children's 

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BCH is an amazing institution and there are so many intelligent and highly performing employees

EmployeeWorked at The Children's Hospital Corporation in Boston, MA at the time of review.

What I like

BCH is an inspiring place to work and the institution is filled with brilliant and caring people at all levels. There is an effort by leadership to create a positive and inclusive culture, although sometimes they fall short of these goals.

What I dislike

Administrative staff is not valued enough and compensation is somewhat low, although it has approved. The focus on keeping clinicians happy often comes at the expense of non clinical staff, leading to high turnover rates in some areas. Managers are not able to promote adminstrative staff without lengthy approval process. Empowering managers to make decisions and invest in their high performing employees would decrease turnover and increase the number of long term employees, saving an incredible amount of time and money that is spent constantly hiring new staff.

Suggestions for improvement

Empower managers to make decisions based on wider parameters. Increase transparency on wages across the board, and invest more in administrative staff.

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