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Boston Children's 

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My work environment is great. You become part of a time that helps get what you need done. You can make a difference.

EmployeeWorked at Boston Childrens Hospital - Primary Care in Boston, MA at the time of review.

What I like

My job experience with this company is positive. I enjoy going to work. People I work with are great and everyone help everybody out. The bosses actually care about you and want to challenge you to do better for yourself and the company. Job allows you to

What I dislike

The pay is ok, but of course needs to be more :). Like that with most jobs anywhere.

Suggestions for improvement

Like most older companies, they don't like major change. They will make a change, don't tell anyone, then have seminar on what people need to do. People need to be surveyed and asked there thoughts on the matter before their are major changes. Everyone n

Company Culture

The cultural atmosphere is great. People work as a team to get things done. People look out for one another. Great place to work

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