Brookdale Senior Living: What's it like to work here?

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When I was first hired I loved my job and who I worked for. Once my boss left it was horrible!

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Brookdale Senior Living Communities, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI.

What I like

When I was first hired they worked with my schedule as I was going to school. Once my boss left and they hired someone else she was not okay with my schedule that I have had for many years. I was pulled aside and told that they would not work with my schedule anymore and would deny any days I would take off. I was treated horribly and unfair. I ended up being let go and many other people left as well. I think management has a huge influence on the happiness of the employees. No matter how much money is involved it’s important to be respected and be truthful to your employees and I felt that was not happening the last year I was there. It was a blessing in disguise that I was let go because I was crying from all the stress day in and day out. I miss my patients and I only continued the emotional rollercoaster because of them. I always made sure my patients were cared for!

What I dislike

I disapprove of the management and how they handle their employees. There was no respect and I felt like they just told you what you wanted to hear rather than be truthful. I know since I left brookdale ended up selling to Pegasus and I hope they treat their employees better than the brookdale location I was at.

Suggestions for improvement

I think it’s important to communicate honestly with the employees and also ask them how to make their jobs more smooth. We never got asked nor did they take any advice when we would give it. I felt like they were just there for the money and not there to make sure the patients were cared for.

Company Culture

The coworkers were great but management was horrible

Internal Communication

Management did not communicate well with the staff


Employees worked well together regardless of the management

Work-Life Balance

They were flexible with my work hours at first but then lied about what hours were agreed upon

Support from management

Terrible management

Freedom to work independently

They expect you to work independently but doing the job of 2 or 3 people since they’re always short staffed

Inclusive / Diverse

They really didn’t ask for ideas or opinions

Gender Equality

I think most people were treated fairly

Attitude towards older colleagues

They hired people of all ages

Office / Work Environment

Work environment was pretty good

Environmental Friendliness

Did not recycle

Handicapped Accessibility

Was handicap accessible

Workplace Safety

Environment was safe

Overall compensation for your work

I thought I was paid well in the beginning but the raises were very poor

Company Image

Towards the end of my employment they were hiring and firing managers and things really went down hill very fast

Career Development

We were lucky to get a few cent raise every year no matter how long you worked there

Challenging Work

I was a caregiver and have been for a long time.

Job Security