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Buckeye, Inc.:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Food Production/Farming
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Reviews for Buckeye, Inc.

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Company Culture
Support from management
Freedom to work independently
Internal Communication
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Environmental Friendliness
Work-Life Balance
Challenging Work
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The following benefits are offered

No flex. working hours Parking in 1 of 1 reviews Easy access to public transportation in 1 of 1 reviews No stock or equity options 401(k) in 1 of 1 reviews No onsite daycare facility No reimbursed daycare No ability to work remotely No desirable office location No tuition assistance No Paid Parental Leave 401(k) Match in 1 of 1 reviews No flexible spending account Paid time off in 1 of 1 reviews No healthcare (including vision and dental) No relocation allowance Life insurance in 1 of 1 reviews

The following perks are offered

No on site cafeteria Free (company provided) Meals in 1 of 1 reviews No health and wellness programs No employee discounts Vehicle allowance in 1 of 1 reviews No employee events No dogs allowed No fitness center on site Free Snacks/Drinks in 1 of 1 reviews
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  • 20.Jan 2016
  • Employee

Suggestions for improvement

  • None, despite the schedule it really was a great place to be.

What I like about the company

I learned more about being a mud engineer in the first few months I worked there compared to over a year at Halliburton Baroid. At Buckeye, I worked my tail off and was duly compensated. The focus is to make the mud hand as autonomous as possible; they give much freedom and do their best to honor a hand's days off. The culture at the company was awesome (I tend to keep to myself), and they would rather their employees be over-equipped than under-equipped. A number of their customers and company men have done business with Buckeye, or have worked with some of the people there, for decades (seriously I can't remember how many rigs I went to, and the company men were actual friends of my bosses). They believe in treating the employees well, for it will certainly show in an employee's attitude. Honestly a big part of me misses working there. Buckeye's motto (at least when I was there) is "you may shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin it once". By keeping the cost to their customers low, they have remained the strongest mud company in Permian, despite the down-turn.
I was recently laid-off by one of their competitors. During the "safety meetings", the district manager (my boss's boss's boss's boss) would stand before us, cursing the name of Buckeye, asking aloud why they were the top dog in the Permian (this company I was at is huge). It was the most entertaining of spectacles. The way Buckeye treats their own, and their customers, is the answer as to why they do so well. Oh and there's a company vehicle, usually about new, with a gas card.

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