Builders Hardware: What's it like to work here?

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I enjoy working for a company where I feel like I am part of a great team. I've been employed at this...


What I like

I am able to work from home which really makes a company stand out from the rest. I can be home with my children while able to do my job. The owner has a very open and transparent management style, and when there aren't any secrets, there seems to be lessarguing and drama, especially in an office environment. They offer vacations, health, dental, vision, life, std, 401k, a bestflex spending account. Benefits bring in good employees. I am proud of where I am and what I do!

What I dislike

I feel that it is good that my owner is open and transparent, however it is not always a good thing. He too openly discusses things that are and should remain confidential. There are a lot of things that he will socialize about, and certain things should efinitely not be discussed with other employees. I am also the supervisor and head of human resources, and there are personal things that he should never discuss.

Suggestions for improvement

The company definitely has a lot of cliques, so bringing everyone together more as a team would be great.

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