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Bureau of Indian 
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Employee Satisfaction

    • 3.0Overall compensation for your work
    • 3.3Job Security
    • 4.5Company Image
    • 3.0Career Development
    • 4.3Challenging Work
    • 3.3Company Culture
    • 2.3Internal Communication
    • 3.7Teamwork
    • 3.0Work-Life Balance
    • 3.3Support from management
    • 4.7Freedom to work independently
    • 3.7Office / Work Environment
    • 3.5Environmental Friendliness
    • 3.7Handicapped Accessibility
    • 3.3Workplace Safety
    • 3.0Inclusive / Diverse
    • 4.3Gender Equality
    • 3.3Attitude towards older colleagues

Companies are rated on kununu across 18 unique factors that fall into 4 categories. Since 2017, 3 employees rated this company with an average of 3.4 points.

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What employees say

Employees like

Family like staff. Most employees have been here for years and we work well together.
Most everyone gets along and work well together as a team.
Opportunity for travel and to develop as an officer.
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Employees don't like

Our administration is not always open to our concerns. We don not always get the supplies we have requested.
That the officer has to provide evidence to prove innocence against complaints; whereas, the complainant only has to fill out a form and a statement.
The select few that gossip and complain about irrelevant things.
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Suggestions for improvement

Actually addressing the individual causing problems and not the entire staff in a staff meeting.
Committees for spending, so we get the supplies we need to do our jobs more efficiently.
Support their employees.
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Benefits & Perks

Here are the most voted perks & benefits as confirmed by 3 employees in their reviews.

  • Vision and dental healthcareVision and dental healthcare
  • 401(k) Company Match401(k) Company Match
  • Employee eventsEmployee events
  • Life insuranceLife insurance
  • Paid time offPaid time off
  • ParkingParking
  • 401(k)401(k)
  • Vehicle allowanceVehicle allowance
  • On-site fitness centerOn-site fitness center
  • Health and wellness programsHealth and wellness programs
  • Free mealsFree meals
  • Paid Parental leavePaid Parental leave
  • Free snacks and drinksFree snacks and drinks
  • Tuition assistanceTuition assistance

Best and worst factors

Best rated: Freedom to work independently


The best rated factor of Bureau of Indian Affairs is Freedom to work independently with 4.7 points (based on one review).

It a single officer response that also is how you can get injured and falsely accused of anything. Body/Dash camera is your only evidence; however, it is also limited.

Worst rated: Internal Communication


The worst rated factor of Bureau of Indian Affairs is Internal Communication with 2.3 points (based on one review).

No communication between management and employees. I received a general rating; however, I apparently have been working below standards without knowing it.

Career Development

Career Development rating


Career Development is rated with an average of 3.0 points (based on one review).

There is only 2 management positions in this location.

Company Culture

Coming soon!
Traditional Culture
Modern Culture

The culture gauge ranges from traditional to modern and represents the company culture for this company as voted anonymously by the employees. We are still collecting opinions to present a fairer picture for you, our users.

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