Burger King : What's it like to work here?

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It took me a while to even get this job because they originally didn't see my application after my friend recommended me

Former EmployeeWorked at Burger King in Chandler, AZ.

What I like

Most of the managers are cool and supportive and like to joke around. They won't get mad at me for a problem I wasn't aware of. They have worked with me to find a work schedule that will work with my school schedule. If I need to stop working or I able to work for even a week, they will work with me to get me shifts. Minimum wage is high. The food is delicious and I am allowed to eat some, when I want, for free. The other employees are very fun. Unless we have a lot of current customers to serve, it is a very fun environment.

What I dislike

The scheduling. When I first started working, the schedule was only scheduled like 2 days in advance. I had no idea when I was working next and even got texted "where are you?" a few times by a manager because I didn't know I had a shift. I even considered quitting because I wasn't getting enough shifts and I didn't know when they were and so I felt like I couldn't commit to anything because I might have to go into work out of the blue.

Suggestions for improvement

Having a chair or two in the back would allow me to relieve myself during an 8 hour shift of standing on my feet. Also, not everyone wears a headset. Often, I will be the only one wearing a headset and no one will know we have someone in the drive thru. I will have to shout out to them that we need food and it is very annoying.

Company Culture

Most of the managers are very nice but there are a few who aren't

Internal Communication

Most are good at communication but some just choose to not communicate


You must clearly communicate things to the customer

Work-Life Balance

You work 6 days per week instead of 5 but the shifts are shorter

Support from management

There are a few terrible and rude managers but most are supportive

Freedom to work independently

Sometimes someone will not do something they should and I get irritated when I have to do it for them

Inclusive / Diverse

We have very diverse employees

Gender Equality

Why would they not?

Attitude towards older colleagues

We don't have anyone over the age of 45 so I can't say that they don't

Office / Work Environment

It is hot but that is to be expected working in a kitchen

Environmental Friendliness

There is a lot of paper and food waste

Handicapped Accessibility

There are stairs and ramps

Workplace Safety

I never received any direct training but it is common sense what to avoid

Overall compensation for your work

I am happy with my wage for my work

Job Security

They are always hiring and I know my job will eventually be lost to automation

Company Image

I would rather have this job than no job

Career Development

Really your only opportunity for a promotion is to manager

Challenging Work

The work its self is rather simple but there is a lot of stress and pressure