Burger King : What's it like to work here?

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Only suitable for teenagers looking for a little extra cash. Does NOT pay a living wage or offer benefits.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at B K Burger King Inc in Salt Lake City, UT.

What I like

My manager was amazing. He bent over backward to accommodate both my schedule for my other job, as well as my chronic illness which often forced me to call in for a shift. (I had to go on disability after this job.) As far as positive experiences go... that's about it.

What I dislike

I recall hearing a conversation between my GM and the district manager. The district manager was telling my GM that for every one of his employees who signed up for the companies insurance plan, he would receive a penalty to his end of year bonus. He then began laughing and said, "but don't worry, it's not like we pay any of them enough to be able to afford it anyway." I also witnessed several employees (including the shift supervisor) mocking a homeless man who had come in to get out of the snow (it was winter time) and fell asleep at one of the tables. They then called the police on him and pressed charges for trespassing. This is a HORRIBLE company to work for. They have no compassion, no empathy, and they only care about their bottom line.

Suggestions for improvement

Start giving a damn about their employees. A happy worker is a productive worker. An insured worker is a healthy worker (and a sick worker spreads disease which can result in negative reviews for the store.) Not to mention, IT'S PART OF BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING! I will NEVER even EAT at a Burger King, EVER again, because of the way corporate treated the employees.

Company Culture

Experienced reverse racism from the hispanic employees.

Internal Communication

Despite being talked to, the latino workers continued to say derragatory things about me in spanish. (They didn't know I could speak spanish)


My manager tried but was not successful at preventing workplace tension.

Work-Life Balance

Never scheduled overtime.

Support from management

My GM was great, his boss (the district manager) was a royal dick who showed no caring or compassion for the employees.

Freedom to work independently

Very little oversight after initial training.

Inclusive / Diverse

Very diverse staff (ethnicity)

Gender Equality

Most of the shift supervisors were women.

Attitude towards older colleagues

We had one pretty old guy working for us.

Office / Work Environment

The kitchen became extraordinarily hot during the summer time.

Handicapped Accessibility

You must be a paying customer to use the facilities- regardless of disability. (I saw a homeless vet in a wheel chair get told he could not use the bathroom unless he bought something)

Workplace Safety

I hurt my knee due to someone elses neglegense (not cleaning up a spill and not warning anyone about it)

Overall compensation for your work

I was lied to in my interview about my starting wage. I started at $7.70/hr. despite 16 years of experience. I was promised $8.00/hr. (which still isn't nearly enough)

Job Security

Had too quit due to chronic illness.

Company Image

It's fast food. How COULD I be proud?

Career Development

Not too difficult to make it to a supervisor position. After that, it's not that easy.

Challenging Work

I've been in the industry for 16 years so it's not difficult for me. However, if you're not used to this line of work, it can become extremely difficult during peak hours.

Environmental Friendliness